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  • ‘I think my sister is dead’

‘I think my sister is dead’

Sister frustrated with sheriff’s office, seeks Texas Rangers’ help
Saturday, November 2, 2019

“I think my sister is dead.”

That’s what Daisy Thornton Newhouse fears of her missing sister, Jenn Pautenis.

Pautenis, 29, was last seen Sunday, Oct. 20, at her Acton area home on Corral Sands Court in Nassau Bay II, according to family members.

Her husband, Edward, indicated that his wife simply left with another man, according to social media posts.

He reportedly heard the door close and a car leave as he was putting their two children to bed. His wife’s van remained at the house, family members said.

It was another sister, Melissa Thornton, who alerted the sheriff’s office after learning of Jenn’s disappearance on Edward’s Facebook page.

The sheriff’s office responded, according to the incident report, but few details were provided.

Newhouse has not been satisfied with the sheriff’s office investigator.

“He feels my sister left on her own free will and will return home,” Newhouse said. “He won’t listen to us. He’s basically doing nothing. To me he seemed like he wasn’t concerned.

“I’m very frustrated with the sheriff’s office.”

That’s why she reached out to the Texas Rangers for help.

“The Rangers are on top of it now,” Thornton said. “We’re waiting to hear back from them.”

Newhouse said the investigator told her that Jenn made a phone call before she left. But Newhouse doesn’t know the details.

She said the sheriff’s office has Jenn’s cell phone.

The sisters insist Jenn wouldn’t leave her children like that; a boy, 7, and girl, 5.

“Her babies are her world,” Thornton said.

“She loves her children,” added Newhouse.

Edward and Jenn had traveled to Clarksville, Tennessee just before Jenn disappeared, according to family members. Newhouse believes that maybe “something went wrong” when the two were there. She fears her body may be in Tennessee or somewhere between Hood County and Tennessee.

Newhouse, a mother of three, attends college, studying to be a registered nurse.

“I haven’t been able to focus because I think she’s dead,” Newhouse said. “I’m terrified for my niece and nephew. We’re here and they’re there, and we can’t protect them.”

Newhouse said she would mail gifts to her niece and nephew, and Jenn would send her videos of them opening the presents.

Jenn would also post videos of she and her children dancing and singing at home.

Newhouse lives in Florida but is reluctant to travel here to try to find out what happened to her baby sister. People have told her Hood County has corruption and is not a safe area, she said.

“I heard about that county (Hood), and I’m afraid to go there,” she said.

The Hood County News reached out to Sheriff Roger Deeds, but he refused to respond.



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